Healthy Thanksgiving


8 Ways to Stick to your Healthy Lifestyle this Thanksgiving

Eat Breakfast

Not skipping meals and eating a nutrient-rich breakfast is the best way to prep for a big feast. Foods full of lean protein and fiber are best because they will keep your energy levels up and help you feel fuller longer, so you don’t overeat for the big one.

Fit in a workout

Start a new tradition by adding physical activity to your holiday celebration. Start the day by doing a local 5K for a good cause. Or adding a walk when the Thanksgiving feast is over can be a great way to close the holiday. Get everyone involved in getting active, playing, and having fun. Backyard touch football is a great way to build memories and keep your energy up.

Have a plan

A failure to plan is a plan to fail therefore go into the feast with a conscious decision to limit what and how much you eat. Allow yourself to enjoy a variety of foods but stick to the plan and no cheating.

Savor your food

If this is the one time you are allowing yourself to indulge, then make sure you savor every minute. Just by eating slower, you’ll consume fewer calories. So, eat slowly and taste the food instead of wolfing it down and running to grab another plate.

Remember your Goals

Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself of your ultimate vision–a leaner you, a healthier you, and a happier you.

Skip foods and drinks you can have any day of the year

Thanksgiving comes around once a year, so save your calories for the special treats that your family makes only one day of the year, not things you can get every other day.

Don’t drink your calories

Wash down your meal with sparkling water, tea, or coffee instead, and your waistline will thank you.

Shift your focus

Take the focus off of food and put it back where it belongs—on spending quality time with your loved ones.

When you have decided to live a healthy lifestyle, planning a Thanksgiving feast is a daunting task. But there are ways to survive the holidays without losing ditching your lifestyle. You can stick to your diet while enjoying the holidays.

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