3 Signs It’s Time for a Change

How to relief that nagging feeling you have inside and recognize the need for a change in your life and how to take positive action towards it.

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If you had told me at the start of the year, I would have started a blog inspiring people to live their best life, I might not have believed you. I have three kids, and between lacrosse practice, band rehearsals, and my full-time job I never thought I would have time to pursue something like this.

One day I happened on a horoscope that literally read, “No more comfort zone. Time for you to be the powerhouse you were born to be. Keep Growing; it’s your destiny.” It really resonated with me, and I kept having this uncomfortable nagging feeling.

With the new normal we live in; many people are taking that first step out of their comfort zone. No one wants to live with regrets about not seizing every opportunity. I get it to change is scary, but so is regret.

Even though change can be good, it requires us to lose something. We have to lose an old way of life or lose an old way of thinking or acting. No one wants to lose anything, even if the loss will help us gain more. Here’s how I knew I needed a change, and tips to help you know if it’s time for you to make a change.

1. You have a restless feeling

Having a routine is suitable for mornings and skincare, but monotonous routines put you in the comfort zone and can stump your growth. It’s like your life is on autopilot because there is no excitement, and you don’t have to put any energy into it. Deep down, you know something is missing.

What to do: Not everyone is ready and willing to make a huge life change, but little changes can make a big difference and expose you to new experiences. Go ahead and apply for that new job, start that side hustle, or learn a new hobby or skill. You will never know where it will lead until you take that first step.

2. You want a greater purpose in life

A lot is happening globally with diseases, food shortages, wars, and rumors of wars. And if your current life seems out of touch with the real world, you may have a need to do more for humanity in general. This is what inspired me to share what has helped me gain more purpose in my own life.

What to do: Try donating your time to a cause you care about. Or use the skills you have to help someone else in the world. The good energy you put out into the world will help you see your positivity in your own life. You can also do something for yourself and finally start that exercise program you’ve been meaning to try. It’s not selfish to care for yourself.

3. It’s been a while since your last change

The good and bad thing about life is that it is constantly changing. And if you haven’t had any significant changes in a while, it might be time. Many of the changes in our lives are from things out of our control. Take back your power over your life and actually make an intentional change. So, whatever it is you feel like you need to do for YOUR life, just do it. You only get one, so make the best of it.

What to do: Journaling is an excellent way to organize the thoughts in your head and get them onto paper. It is also a tool used in manifestation. Writing down my thoughts helped me realize I wanted to start Breathe Chile, which was the first step in this amazing journey.

Don’t let fear of change hinder you from the extraordinary life you want to live. You have the power to change any aspect of your life that you want to. Don’t let anything hold you back, whether it be big or small. Comment and let us know what changes you plan to implement.

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