No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted


7 Small Genuine Acts That Make a Big Impact

You don’t have to donate large sums of money or be the CEO of some major corporation to create change and have an impact in the world. Small genuine acts of kindness can greatly impact yourself, others, and the world around you.

The world could use a little more kindness. Being considerate and kind to the people around you can foster a sense of compassion, community, and overall well-being. These are seven small acts of kindness you can start this year!

Say Thank you

When someone does something nice for you it’s okay to say thank you. Researchers studying gratitude have found that being thankful and expressing it to others is good for your health and happiness.

Give someone a genuine compliment

Everyone has the desire to be acknowledged. Recognizing the good in others will boost your mood and might make someone else’s day. The more we build up others, the more we build ourselves.

Knowing how to give compliments is equally as important as knowing how to receive compliments. There is only one way to receive a compliment and that is graciously, with a smile.

Help Someone Who Needs It

Is there someone in your life who needs a little help? Maybe a neighbor, a relative of a friend, or a nursing home resident. Everyone needs a hand sometimes and if you are able to help why not help?

Helping others improves social interaction, distracts people from their own problems, improves self-esteem and competence, make you happier, give you a sense of purpose and meaning, and even lower your blood pressure.

Tell a manager about a good employee

Instead of complaining about a bad job, why don’t we mention good service more? Let a manager know when one of their staff does a great job and you will make their day, without question!

Donate your time

Donating your time can be just as effective as a charitable monetary donation. Not only are you helping people in need, but you are also getting social interaction. You might even learn something new or meet someone interesting.

Places to volunteer

Here are some places where you can become a volunteer in your community:

  • Schools
  • Senior or community centers
  • Local charity fundraiser
  • Hospitals
  • Animal shelters
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Libraries
  • Personal Causes

Donate your stuff

Environmental sustainability is a popular topic of discussion. One way to help the environment is to reuse items by donating them instead of throwing them away. Consider donating items that could benefit someone else in need.

Pay it forward

Paying it forward can mean different things to different people. Basically, “pay it forward” is when someone does something for you, you pass it on to another person instead of paying that person back directly.

It can be giving someone an opportunity when you are given a chance. Or paying for someone’s groceries while you are at the store.

Finding ways to give in your everyday lives in small ways can improve your outlook on life and help to positively impact others.

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