5 Work-Out Regimens + Chic Wear to Keep You Motivated

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Working out has not always been a way of life for me, but I embrace this new journey and adapt exercise as a new lifestyle. Exercise helps me look good, and it helps me feel good with the endorphin rush I get during and after each workout. I feel like I am moving towards being in the best shape of my life. Eating a healthy diet and having a consistent workout regimen are the main contributing factors to reaching that goal. Having a consistent workout regimen can become tedious and cause a plateau in the results you see if you don’t change it up occasionally. One thing that keeps me motivated to work out is a chic workout outfit, and I can always count on Just Strong to have quality activewear! From the most fashionable workout sets to the cutest accessories and even cozy outerwear, Just Strong is always my go-to destination for shopping for the most stylish activewear!

Looking Good and Staying Motivated with Just Strong

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5 Workout Regimens to Keep You Motivated

Orange Theory

Orange Theory is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) incorporating cardio and strength training. Each class is led by a coach and consists of 50 minutes. Half of the class is spent either power walking, jogging, or running on a treadmill. The other half consists of strength training, which could be on a water rower, or interval training consisting of squats, crunches, pull-ups, or whatever else they have going on that day. Orange Theory is excellent for losing weight, building muscle, and improving overall health.

RockBox Fitness

Rockbox is a fantastic workout. The workout regimen consists of cardio kickboxing mixed with weights and strength training in a fun, high-energy workout, set to awesome music. The trainers are excellent and spend time making sure you know the moves and have good form. You can learn some basic self-defense moves while having fun and breaking a serious sweat. Kids 14+ can join, making it a fun way activity the whole family can enjoy!

Spin Class

Spinning has been all the rage for the past 20 years. A new generation of spin classes has developed a cult following just like in the past. Spinning is a low-impact exercise that is easier on the joints and is a great cardiovascular workout. Cycling can be a great way to keep active while avoiding pain for those with joint pain or mobility issues, especially older adults. The class consists of heavy resistance work to upbeat popular songs. Your heart rate fluctuates the entire class, which helps with calorie afterburn which means you keep burning calories even when the class is over.


Insanity is a streaming HIIT home workout that lasts 30 minutes (32 if you count the cooldown) offered by Beachbody. Please be warned this is an advanced workout regimen, and you should consult your doctor before starting if you are concerned. But if you want to try an intense workout that makes you sweat, this should not disappoint. There is no equipment as the motto is “You don’t lift weights in Insanity, you lift you.”

Hot Yoga

I love a challenging, sweaty workout. And although I prefer to do cardio and HIIT, I do not shy away from a good fitness challenge. Hot yoga is done in a hot room at about the same temperature as a sauna, so overheating is a potential con of hot yoga. It is essential to stay hydrated before, during, and after the class and take regular breaks if needed. Although I won’t be giving up my favorite workouts, I will be adding a few hot yoga sessions occasionally.

Exercise variation can help you avoid the “burnout” of doing the same workout all the time. Also, you should consider spicing up your regular workout regimen occasionally to prevent boredom and avoid reaching a plateau. Research has shown that adding variety to an exercise program can improve overall health. By changing your workout regimen, you can ensure you stay physically challenged and mentally stimulated at the same time.

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