Unique Hair Color Trends for Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s & Beyond You'll Love

Unique Hair Color Trends for Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s & Beyond You’ll Love

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My how times have changed. Growing up in the 90s, wild hair color was not as socially acceptable outside of the entertainment world. Rappers such as Lil Kim popularized Blue wigs, but it wasn’t something you saw outside of music videos and awards shows.

The popularity of colorful hair has increased in the new millennium and with the rise of social media and current hip-hop artists such as JT from City Girls. People are dyeing their hair bright blue, pink, purple, and green. It’s become a form of expression across all generations and genders.

When it comes to hair color, there are countless options to suit different preferences and styles. From delicate sun-kissed highlights to bold and vibrant shades, the possibilities are endless.

If you want to add dimension to your hair without fully changing the color, the ‘money piece’ technique can be the perfect solution. This involves adding a contrasting-colored section of hair, usually a lighter shade, around the face to create a striking frame. It adds depth and visual interest without a complete color overhaul.

Keep reading for some hair color ideas you can rock at any age:

20s – Crimson Red


During your 20s, woman feel they can truly express their individuality and experiment with different styles. One of the most exciting ways to do this is by embracing a variety of hair colors. Whether you prefer the natural hues or want to explore the bolder shades, your 20s provide the perfect opportunity to let your hair embody your unique personality.

In your 20s, it’s super important to be bold and give new things a shot. One way to totally rock it is by dyeing your hair crimson red. Whether you go for a bright cherry red or a deep burgundy shade, crimson red hair will make a serious statement. Flaunt your confidence and stand out from the rest with this badass color choice.

30s – Sapphire Blue


Women in their 30s experience personal growth and become more confident and authentic. They enter a transformative phase where they feel a sense of calmness and self-assuredness. It’s a time when they break free from societal expectations and embrace their unique identities.

In their 30s, ladies can totally rock sapphire blue hair to show off their badass and one-of-a-kind style. It’s all about boosting confidence, suiting any skin tone, and adding that extra oomph to their overall look. Choosing this vibrant hair color is like saying, “Hey world, here I am!” So, if you’re in your 30s and want to feel confident and oh-so-sexy, sapphire blue hair is totally the bomb. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

40s – Lavender


Women in their 40s are even more confident and sure of themselves. They have gained life experience and understand themselves better than they did in their 20s and 30s. This confidence helps them make clear decisions and focus on what truly matters to them. They also learn to accept themselves, flaws and all, and become resilient individuals who approach life with wisdom and grace.

In your 40s, woman have to pick colors that match their vibe and boost their confidence. How about lavender? It’s all about grace and elegance, giving off those chill and classy vibes. Embrace this stage of your life, celebrate your growth, and let your true colors shine bright!

50s – Crimson Fire


Three-quarters of women in their 50s say they feel more confident than they did in their 20s. Women in their 50s are happier and appreciate life’s ups and downs. They have overcome challenges and achieved personal growth, which gives them a fresh perspective and a sense of purpose. They cherish the beauty around them and make the most of every moment, embracing new experiences and expressing themselves authentically.

Women in their 50s can totally rock a hair color like crimson fire red! It’s an intense shade that screams confidence and fearlessness. Choosing this color is like saying, “Hey world, check me out!” It’s all about embracing your journey and embracing the amazing future that lies ahead. So go ahead, don’t hold back, and let your hair color show off the fierce and confident woman you’ve become!

60s and Beyond – Platinum Grey

I mean who doesn’t want platinum grey hair? This coveted hair color not only adds a touch of elegance but also represents a sense of confidence and individuality. As we age, our hair naturally undergoes changes, and grey hair has become a symbol of wisdom and experience.

Nowadays, women no longer feel the need to hide their grey hair. Instead, they are proudly showing off their silver locks. Embracing their natural beauty, many women opt for platinum grey hair, which adds a touch of elegance and enhances their overall look.

Platinum grey hair looks great on different skin tones and can be styled in many ways. You can have a sleek and sophisticated look or go for a more voluminous and tousled style. There are endless possibilities to try with this stunning hair color.

If you’re a woman in your 60s or older, embrace the beauty of gray hair. Let it be a symbol of your life’s journey and the wisdom you’ve acquired. Wear your silver crown proudly because you’ve earned it.

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