A Few of My Favorite Things – Fall Edition

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Fall is my favorite season and the perfect time to share a few of my favorite things I love right now. Items on this page are ones I have used or am currently using in my home, for my kids, or for my family.

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Favorite This Fall 2022 Edition

Multiple Device Charging Station

My kids aren’t allowed to have their phones after a specific time, so this Multiple Device Charging Station is a perfect solution at home, and when we travel, where we have one centralized spot, we can all charge our devices at the end of the day.

Pat McGrath Labs Rose 001 The Essence

<strong><a href=httpswwwpatmcgrathcomproductsdivine skin rose 001 the essencevariant=40015716286533 target= blank aria label= opens in a new tab rel=noopener nofollow sponsored>Pat McGrath Labs Rose 001 The Essence<a><strong>

I am not exaggerating when I say I have had women track me down in a department store to ask me what product I had on my face to make my skin look so shimmery and beautiful. It gives my skin a luminous essence and glow that I can use when I don’t feel like wearing foundation. If you have dry skin like myself, I highly recommend it. (This is not an affiliate link)

RIKI 10X Skinny Lighted Mirror

<strong><a href=httpswwwnordstromcomsriki 10x skinny lighted mirror 230 value5113964color=ROSE+GOLDutm content=133319220945utm term=pla 301242358068utm channel=mid nd shopping smartutm source=googleutm campaign=16416954608adpos=creative=584588283279device=cmatchtype=network=uacctid=21700000001689570dskeywordid=92700072689507600lid=92700072689507600ds s kwgid=58700007697054981ds s inventory feed id=97700000007631122dsproductgroupid=301242358068product id=26134286merchid=1243147prodctry=USprodlang=enchannel=onlinestoreid=locationid=9007583targetid=pla 301242358068campaignid=16416954608adgroupid=133319220945gclid=CjwKCAjwsMGYBhAEEiwAGUXJadAwxmlOKS xD NCGSXVnntOBQuL39i5IbJFRem3Z6roQD667WnkwhoCrmAQAvD BwEgclsrc=awds target= blank aria label= opens in a new tab rel=noopener nofollow>RIKI 10X Skinny Lighted Mirror<a><strong>

This mirror is every and does everything. It has an ultra-bright LED, a 10X magnifying mirror, and a Bluetooth selfie function. I mean, wow!

FORVR Mood Candles

<strong><a aria label=FORVR Mood Candles opens in a new tab href=httpsforvrmoodcomcollectionscandlesproductscuffing season target= blank rel=noopener nofollow>FORVR Mood Candles<a><strong>

I love scent therapy and these candles so much; that I subscribed to the monthly subscription. Candles set the mood and can be used in your self-care routine to help you relax or take you on a trip through scent memory.

Apple Watch

<strong><a href=httpsamznto3B5YUM0 target= blank aria label=Apple Watch opens in a new tab rel=noopener nofollow sponsored>Apple Watch<a><strong>

I recently received an Apple Watch as a birthday gift from my husband. This watch is impressive, and it has a fitness feature that tracks my workouts, how much I stand in a day, and the number of calories I burn. I can even challenge other Apple Watch wearers to challenges to see who can achieve their fitness goals more times in a week.

Breathe Chile Hoodie

<strong><a aria label=Breathe Chile Hoodie opens in a new tab href=httpsbreathechile 6916myshopifycomproductsunisex fashion hoodie target= blank rel=noopener>Breathe Chile Hoodie<a><strong>

I love a good hoodie, especially in the fall. And my favorite hoodie is by Breathe Chile and it is the perfect loungewear with side pockets because who doesn’t love side pockets?

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