7 Healthy Habits that will Quickly Change your Life

Building healthy habits is the cornerstone of maintaining a balanced and vibrant lifestyle. By taking proactive steps towards cultivating positive routines, we can enhance our overall well-being. As the popular saying goes, “Health is wealth.” This age-old proverb emphasizes that your health is your most valuable asset, and it is wise to invest in it.

When our physical and mental well-being is compromised, it can hinder our ability to lead a fulfilling existence. Therefore, investing time and effort in adopting healthy habits is not only beneficial, it is essential for a prosperous and fulfilling life. Research shows that incorporating these simple habits into your daily routine can go a long way in promoting overall wellness. Remember, when it comes to our health, every action, such as maintaining a healthy weight, practicing gratitude, and maintaining social connections, counts towards a healthy lifestyle.

What are healthy habits?

A habit is something that you regularly do without having to consciously think about it. About 40 percent of what we do daily isn’t decided by you and is due to habits. Habits dictate how we live, so it is essential to have strong, positive habits. According to the Medical Dictionary, a healthy habit is “a behavior that is beneficial to one’s physical or mental health, often linked to a high level of discipline and self-control.” Healthy habits reduce stress and improve overall well-being by boosting happiness and energy levels. It includes things like regular exercise, a balanced diet, punctuality, keeping promises, etc.

Drink more water

Water is often called the elixir of life, and for good reason. It is a fundamental necessity for our overall well-being. The human body heavily relies on water to carry out its countless physiological functions. From regulating body temperature to aiding in digestion, water is involved in almost every process that occurs within us.

Water is undeniably a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. From enhancing bodily functions and promoting radiant skin to aiding in detoxification and supporting physical performance, the benefits of staying hydrated are numerous. So, make sure to prioritize drinking eight glasses of water each day and reap the rewards of this precious elixir.

Strength Training

Strength training is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially as we get older. It helps us build and strengthen our muscles, making everyday tasks easier and improving our overall strength and endurance.

By doing exercises that use our own body weight or resistance tools like weights, we can stay strong and independent. This type of exercise also has other benefits, like increasing bone density and helping with weight management.

Strength training isn’t just good for our bodies, it’s also good for our mental health. It releases “feel-good” hormones and can boost our confidence and self-esteem.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time at the gym to do strength training. Simple exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks can be done at home. Just make sure to start slowly and get advice from a professional if needed.

So let’s make strength training a part of our routine and enjoy the benefits of stronger muscles, improved well-being, and a more active and independent life.

Take a multi-vitamin

Multivitamins are important for supporting long-term health goals. They help fill in the nutritional gaps in our diets, especially when we don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. A good multivitamin provides essential vitamins and minerals like A, B, C, D, E, calcium, iron, and zinc.

It’s important to remember that multivitamins are not a substitute for a healthy diet, but they can help ensure we get the nutrients we need. If you have dietary restrictions or follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, a multivitamin can help address any nutrient deficiencies.

Just remember to consult with a healthcare professional or nutritionist to find the right multivitamin for you. Keep in mind that multivitamins work best when combined with a well-balanced diet.

Drink home-made smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support your overall health. Adding healthy fats from nuts or seeds, and protein from sources like yogurt or nuts, makes your smoothie even more nutritious. Be creative with your ingredients to find delicious flavor combinations. Enjoy a refreshing smoothie that nourishes your body and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Cheers!

Set a sleep routine

Getting enough rest is essential for our overall health and daily well-being. It has a big impact on our physical, mental, and emotional state.

  • Physically, rest helps our body repair and grow. It boosts our immune system and helps us stay healthy.
  • Mentally, rest improves our mood, concentration, and memory. It helps our brain work better.
  • Emotionally, rest helps us handle stress and stay balanced. When we lack sleep, we can become more anxious and irritable.

Neglecting rest can lead to serious health problems like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. To improve our sleep, we should establish a bedtime routine and create a calm environment. Avoiding screens before bed can also help. Rest is necessary for us to be at our best physically, mentally, and emotionally. We should prioritize going to bed at night and getting enough sleep to live a healthy and happy life.


Studies have shown regular meditation practices reduce stress, anxiety, and health issues. The relaxation response from meditation helps lower blood pressure and improve your heart rate. Not only do I meditate, but I also meditate with Candles. The scents emitted from candles can be used to invoke memories and emotions as well as induce a calming effect as well as boost your mood.

Follow the Breathe Chile Healthy Lifestyle Guide

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I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to share the invaluable knowledge I’ve acquired over the course of my personal health and wellness journey. Throughout this transformative experience, I wholeheartedly grasped the profound interconnections between the foods we consume and their multifaceted impact on our physical well-being, mental acuity, immune system functionality, energy levels, and overall emotional state. It’s truly remarkable how the choices we make regarding our diet can contribute significantly to the cultivation of a harmonious and healthy lifestyle.

Through extensive research, tireless dedication, and a deep desire to make a positive change, I have carefully crafted a program that is not only highly effective but also remarkably simple to implement. My aim is to provide you with an accessible and easy-to-follow roadmap, allowing you to embark on your own path towards better health and, ultimately, achieve sustainable and long-lasting results.

To summarize, this program allows you to make informed choices, develop healthier habits, and transform your lifestyle. By equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and tools, you can make sustainable changes that lead to long-term results. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and unlock a world of wellness that positively impacts your life.

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